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the best way to care and protect your jewelry

Jewelry should be checked approximately every 6 months to confirm gemstones are safe and prongs are secure. Fine jewelry should last a lifetime and far beyond, as heirloom pieces are passed down through the generations. Jewelry appears it’s best when cleaned. Precisely clean your Jewelry before featuring it around. If you do not know the […]

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How to choose gorgeous jewelry for a Glimmering Party

Women today are fashion conscious and they are trying to dress themselves up only with the finely selected designer jewelry, and when parties are concerned they become all the more cautious. Jewelry that is meant for a shimmering look can always be put on while you move into a party or some other event of […]

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the importance of a jewelry box

A proper jewelry box is extremely important if you want your jewelry to keep in the best condition possible. Jewelry boxes provide a safe place for your valued jewelry to rest when not in use. They protect your jewelry from damage, theft, and loss while being stylish additions to your home decor. When you buy […]

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How to keep sterling silver shiny always

Are you as obsessed with sterling silver as much as we are? Are you all about its brilliant shine, incredibly versatile look, and just straight-up glamour? If you have a sterling silver ring or other pieces that are looking less than perfect lately, keep reading. We’re breaking down eight things that you can do to get them […]

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